Mark Joffe - Insurance Agent
Everything Under One Roof

Everything Under One Roof

Mark Joffe

Joffe Jankelowitz means insurance. We provide comprehensive, end-to-end insurance solutions and exceptional customer care.

Joffe Jankelowitz Insurance Agency (2010) Ltd. was founded by Mark Joffe, a veteran insurance agent with proven industry experience since the 1980s.

We offer our clients a range of solutions in all areas of insurance and finance: both in the elementary field (car, apartment, business, liabilities, special risks, etc.) and in the broader world of health, pension, finance and retirement planning insurance.

Our business strengths and professionalism are reflected in our ability to offer and build unique insurance solutions for our clients’ complex and challenging requirements, while maintaining professionalism, reliability and customer service at the highest level.

As part of our exceptional service, package we provide insurance portfolio analysis services.

At Joffe Jankelowitz, we are acutely aware of how so many people hold duplicate insurance policies and as a consequence over pay by thousands of shekels each year. We are determined to stop the confusion with a thorough professional portfolio analysis.

Contact us today because Joffe Jankelowitz really does mean insurance.

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