Medical advancements and greater longevity have increased the numbers of long term nursing care patients in Israel. The expenses related to such an unexpected lifestyle change are particularly high. By purchasing suitable long term nursing care insurance (Bituach Siudi), you can have peace of mind that you will be receiving the best care possible, as and when you need it, without becoming a financial burden on your family.

All the Kupot Cholim (Health Services) offer optional basic Siudi (frail care – long-term nursing care) plans for their members. However, these are often limited in their compensation entitlements, duration of policy, and in some cases, exclude disability as a result of traffic accidents and hostilities. 

More extensive and comprehensive plans were provided through private insurance companies. A number of options were available when determining the sum insured and the length of time that you wish to receive compensation (e.g. whole of life, commencement after 3 or 5 years, or coverage for only 5 to 8 years). The type of plan chosen took into consideration plans already existing through the kupah and/or personal wealth or assets.

This coverage is not marketed at the present time (as of January 2021).  The government will probably come out with some type of alternative frail care coverage in the future.  Note existing private frail care policies cannot be changed or cancelled by the insurance companies.

The Long Term Nursing Care cover includes:

  • Monthly compensation without the need for receipts or proof of expenses.
  • Cover for long term care recipients as result of traffic accidents, work accidents, and terror activity, amongst others.
  • Cover for sufferers of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other similar cognitive impairments.
  • A guarantee that lump sums received from other sources (such as the National Insurance Institute), will not affect the monthly compensation received as part of the package cover.
  • A waiver of premium on the policy during the period that the patient is receiving the monthly compensation.